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Inotia 3: Chaos Composition Recipe Quest – Transcendence Flower and Mana Crystal

Warning: This blog may contain spoilers of the game (Inotia 3)!

Here are some tips for Inotia 3 players in getting the transcendence flower and mana crystal for the quest Chaos Composition Recipe.

You met a suspicious rat in the Suspicious Cave of the Red Wood Forest. In exchange for its incredible skill, the rat has asked you to bring 1 transcendence flower and 1 mana crystal.

The transcendence flower and mana crystal are random drops by monsters in Inotia 3.

Update: After a longer playtime I can say that Land Scar is a good place to farm for transcendence flower / mana crystal. Gotta kill a huge number of monsters though.

I found the mana crystal at Red Wood Forest, dropped by a monster that I cannot recall. Just try to farm for that item in that area. A bit later in the game, at Land Scar, east of Derelict Land (Dark Elf Shelter), a Toad Cleaner dropped a transcendence flower. Much later in the game, as I passed through Land of Twilight, a Black Bald Eagle that I beat dropped a mana crystal. These are not the only sources of the two items though. I think they are dropped by any random monster in the game and it happens by chance. Not because a monster dropped it for me in this area, there’s a hundred percent chance will drop the same item for you in the same place. So, good luck. We need it.

Lucky me, a soldier I beat at the Illution maze 2nd floor dropped the recipe for transcendence flower. Required materials are mana crystal (again) and strength fragment. I read somewhere that there is chance for the transcendence flower recipe to be dropped by monsters from the area west of Land of Twilight… the place with buffaloes, plain wolves, and knolls.

Update: A dark elf at Illusion Maze 4th floor dropped the recipe for Mana Crystal. The mana crystal recipe calls for one transcendence flower and five magic branch. So, a transcendence flower and a mana crystal need the other to be formed, huh?

You need to finish the Chaos Composition Recipe Quest before you get Chaos Composition Book from the rat. This will let you add the recipe of Chaos Item to your Recipe Book. Chaos Item reinforces your weapons and armor when it succeeds.

Following are composition materials to make Chaos Item:

  • 1 Equipment Item
  • 2 Transcendence Flower
  • 2 Mana Crystal
  • 2 Mithril

The rat says that Chaos Composition is only available in the Network Mode.


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