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Inotia 3 – Cave of Trials and items (Guide / Walkthrough)

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This is a guide on Inotia 3’s Cave of Trials and the items you can get from each cave.

When you examine the Altar of Trials, it will say:

I’m not letting you through unless you can pass my test.

  1. I’m pretty confident in my strength, so I’ll take the Strength Test!
  2. My sword is faster than the wind. I’ll take the Agility Test!
  3. I don’t support violence. I’d rather take the Wisdom Test.

Choosing the Wisdom Test will also lead to “violence” though. lol.

There are three caves – Crimson Cave of Trials (Strength), Green Cave of Trials (Agility), and Blue Cave of Trials (Wisdom). You can only take only one cave, so it is best to take the one that will give you the item you think will help you the most.

Let me present a table of the caves for easier reading:

Cave of Trials Type Opponent in Cave Opponent Class Item / Weapon
Crimson Cave of Trials Strength Ogre Hero Brugal Barbarian Destroyer Hammer
Green Cave of Trials Agility Shadow Pursuer Darcon Rogue Impassivity Blade
Blue Cave of Trials Wisdom Chaos Mage Lachrielle Arch Mage Celestial Branch

I chose the Wisdom Test so I could get Celestial Branch, since Lucio is an Arch Mage in my active game.


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