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BDO: What to do if you forgot ATM Debit Card pin code

Last time I asked Banco de Oro (BDO) regarding forgotten ATM Debit Card pin code, I was told that the only solution is to “purchase” a new BDO ATM Debit Card from the branch of your BDO account for 120 pesos.

Here’s BDO’s email response to my inquiry about forgotten ATM Debit Card pin number:

We regret to inform you that we have no facility to reset ATM PIN.

In case of forgotten ATM PIN, card replacement is necessary since no one in
the bank, not even the ATM network system, has knowledge of your nominated
6-digit PIN.
ATM card replacement can only be requested and claimed from your Branch of
Account (BOA). Please be informed as well that your BOA will collect a
Card Replacement Fee of Php 120.00 upon requesting for a replacement.

You may claim your personalized/named ATM card from your BOA after 3-5
banking days or if you opted to get a generic (no name) ATM card, you may
get it right away provided that your BOA has a generic card on hand.
In relation to this, you are given three (3) invalid PIN attempts daily.
Once you have entered an invalid ATM PIN thrice, your ATM access will be
suspended for the day and you may try again the next day.

Thank you for banking with BDO.


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