What I like about Japan as a Filipino

I’m blessed to be able to set foot on Japan again. Yay! Our first two days have been tiring, and today I can take it easy so I will take the time to write about our trip so far.

A moment after visiting some areas in Tokyo, I realized that it’s easy for me to feel comfortable here despite not understanding and not being able to speak the language. 😅 It’s probably because Japanese people always seem friendly and polite, and even though I don’t understand what they’re saying it still sounds familiar because I regularly watch anime.

Now, in this article I’d like to list down things that I like about Japan.

The Japanese people

Like I’ve mentioned before, I like how friendly and polite Japanese people seem. I easily get anxious around people, but when Japanese people smile as they speak in that friendly tone, I feel instant relief.

Vending machines

Kyoto, Japan (2014)

The train system

I like how you can access various parts of Japan via train.

The train system here strictly follows a set time schedule, and that is why it operates smoothly. It can be very confusing to newbies like me, especially the “switching” part, but it works well.

As I was in a train I was thinking how big an improvement the Philippines’ commute system needs…

Old-fashioned donuts and bottled coffee

Old fashioned donut dipped in chocolate, and Tully’s bottled iced coffee. Both from Lawson.

Animal Cafes

At a cat cafe in Osaka, Japan (2014)

Several years ago when we went to Japan, one of the items in our bucket list was to visit a cat cafe because there were still no such establishment in the Philippines back then, or none that we know of, at least.

There are also other animal cafes such as rabbit cafe, micro pig cafe, and otter cafe, which I would like to visit too if given more time.

Japanese food

I like almost all Japanese food that I’ve tried! I’m not putting any pic on this list item because I would need a lot of time to choose from my numerous Japanese food pics.

It feels safe to walk around while using my phone

Japan is known for being one of the safest countries in the world. In the Philippines, I could count the number of places where I’d feel safe to use my phone publicly in one hand.

No “bag inspections” as we enter establishments

Well, I don’t know if there’s any other country aside from my home country Philippines where there are guards stationed at mall/station entrances to check your bags for whatnot. I’ve been to Singapore, Serbia, and Japan and I experienced no such thing. It is a more of a hassle than help, if you ask me.

Many guards in my country just pretend to check bags anyway, and yet we need to take backpacks off and open it each time we enter establishments. Okay, I released some steam! lol.

Pon De Ring donuts from Mr. Donut, Japan

Pon De Ring donuts from Mr. Donut, Japan (2014)

I love these chewy, mochi donuts! Not sure if we have these in the Philippines.

Coin Lockers are common in Japan

Tokyo, Japan (2019)

Coin lockers are a convenient way to store your luggage when you have to do something in an area and don’t want to lug around your big bags. We used one when we just landed and it still wasn’t check-in time at the hotel.

Drivers aren’t 4$$h0les in Japan

Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan (2019)

Unlike in my beloved home country, vehicles always stop at pedestrian lanes to let people cross the street.

In Manila, a lot of drivers would try to drive past you when you try to cross the pedestrian lane.

Comfortable toilets in Japan

Sorry if this is TMI, but I love how most of the public toilets in Japan have this toilet cleaner that you can spray on toilet paper to wipe the seat with before and after use. There are also buttons for built-in bidets with 3 common modes: water to the rear, gentle water to the rear, and water to the lady part. ^_^ You can also press a button that will play sounds for privacy, good for Number Two. The toilet seat commonly has a warmer too — great for autumn and winter. 😉 These features make “comfort rooms” in Japan really comfortable.

Internet cafe where you can take a nap

Style Cafe, Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan (2019)

We were tired from our flight and it still wasn’t check-in time at the hotel so we tried to rest in an internet cafe. It has various room styles. If I remember correctly some had a futon and some didn’t. The room we had had a futon so we laid there and tried to take a nap. We couldn’t really take a long nap because of the noises, such as people dropping stuff on the floor, and sometimes talking loudly, but we couldn’t complain because it’s an internet cafe, not a hotel. xD At least we were able to relax our tired bodies. We enjoyed the drink bar where you can drink anything you want. There were hot coffee, lattes, tea… ahhh, very comforting!

Lots of manga/books were there too. The computer was very slow though.

Anime merchandise

Go to Akihabara and you’ll find countless anime stuff being sold.

Chocolate Mint goodies

Me and my hubby are one of the few people in our country who like chocolate-mint goods. In Japan there are more chocolate-mint goods to satisfy our cravings than in the Philippines.

Good quality food at convenience stores

When feel like buying cheap foods we head over to convenience stores to buy packaged food items. These aren’t prepared before eating like in restaurants, but they are good!

The streets are clean

In Japan it is really pleasant to walk down the streets, which feel safe and look clean.

Tokyo looks interesting too when viewed from above

The photos above were taken from the mid area of Tokyo Tower. I thought that the view from above would be boring but there were many areas that caught my attention.

Fresh, high quality seafood

We chanced upon the Japan Fisherman’s Festival yesterday and tried tuna sashimi. It’s much, much better than the one I am used to eating in the Philippines!

Tokyo Station is an attraction itself

“You should see Tokyo Station” was why my hubby wanted to take me here. When I’ve seen it, I knew why he wanted me to see it. I was surprised by how big and beautiful it was.

Pokemon Cafe

I’m a Pokemon fan, and though not an avid one, I enjoyed our visit there very much. The Pokemon plated meals were so cute. I couldn’t slice Pikachu’s face so I had to remove its features one by one before I could slice it; it’s an omurice.

A plus to our visit was a Pikachu mascot that entertained the kids, but I was not less entertained. I was squealing in amusement because Pikachu is the cutest Pokemon ever to me, and the way the mascot bounced around and moved its ears, making pa-cute, was really so cute!

Pokemon Center

It’s fun to shop at Pokemon Center. They have various Pokemon merchandise such as plushies, fashion accessories, makeup, school supplies, card games, video games, t-shirts, and many others.

Mont Blanc dessert

Mont Blanc dessert was shown in the anime I watched, Shirobako, several times. Each time the anime showed the dessert, it make me wanna try one because it looks so yummy. Good thing it’s really easy to find here in Tokyo convenience stores.

The top layer is sweetened chestnut puree, and under it is whipped cream. They sit on top of cake.

I’d like to make one someday!

100 Yen Stores

100 Yen stores can be fun and costly at the same time, because you’ll buy stuff you didn’t know you needed one you browse the shelves. xD

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  1. This post made me want to go to Japan (sidetrip) in my next vacation in the Philippines.

    I’ll definitely go back here to plan the trip. Also do you have a recommended place for a ramen. (But I’ll have to take note of that donut. 🍩. )

    1. Hi PP Gal! Thanks for reading my list. Japan is definitely a fun place to explore.

      Try “Samurai Noodle” if you will go to Shibuya — that’s my husband’s favorite ramen place and they specialize in miso-based ones.

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