This place will never be the same again

When I first came to that place, that “existence” was there. It was at first an annoyance to me and made my blood boil quite a few times, even after moving to this new place. Occasionally this existence would speak of wise words such as “Be the better person.”

Now, that existence is gone.

But for a short while before it had left us, I felt that this once “only annoying” is one of the few who I could actually connect with. In this chaotic place, we need to laugh our negativity away to survive, and this existence and I found humour in the same simple things.

We will surely miss how that loud contagious laughter would boom in the room.

This place will never be the same again without you. All the best to you in the new place you chose.

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  1. Positivity in life cannot be understated as always. If have that in you, you will surpass any obstacle in front of you which I guess you will.

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