Skype: How to minimize to system tray in Windows 7

I’ve been using Skype to communicate with some colleagues and my boss, for my part time job as web developer & graphic designer.

There’s one thing that often annoyed me, regarding the Skype window. When I am busy working and have a lot of windows open, and want to minimize Skype to the system tray, it won’t do what I want it to. When I click on the “Close” button of Skype it just minimizes to the task bar. What I want is for Skype to minimize into the system tray when I close its window even when I’m still signed in. Yahoo! Messenger does that for me.

The solution for this is… For Skype version 5:
From the menu at the top, choose Tools -> Options…
In the Skype Options window, choose the Advanced tab on the menu on the left.
Uncheck “Keep Skype in the task bar while I’m signed in”
Click on the Save button. Try closing the Skype window while you’re signed in. Skype should minimize to the tray.

Thanks to the following article I stumbled upon: How to Minimize Skype to Windows 7 System Tray (Notification Area)

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