Photos of flood caused by Bagyong Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsena)

EDIT:// Correct international name is Ketsana, not Ketsena. Sorry for the mistake. 🙂

bagyong ondoy-typhoon ketsena rain flood
A shot from our room’s window

Bagyong Ondoy is the typhoon that hit the Philippines on Saturday, September 26, 2009. It resulted to severe flooding and the death of hundreds of people.

I’m sharing some of the photos I took when the typhoon was still here.

bagyong ondoy-typhoon ketsena flood at t alonzo street santa cruz ongpin street binondo manila
The street of T. Alonzo, near its intersection with Ongpin Street, 9-26-09

bagyong ondoy - typhoon ketsena flood at t alonzo street ongpin street binondo manila
On the next day, at T. Alonzo Street

bagyong ondoy - typhoon ketsena flood at t. alonzo street manila santa cruz
At T. Alonzo Street. The trashes make it look much worse.

bagyong ondoy ketsena typhoon after flood ongpin t. alonzo manila
The flood water subsided.

Thing is, usually when there is a typhoon, there’s no flood in that area. I guess it’s the trashes and the heavy amount of rainwater. The typhoon Ondoy carried heavy water but didn’t bring strong wind.

According to some news, there are 3 more strong typhoons that are about to come to the Philippines. Many victims still haven’t recovered from the calamity. If you’re residing in the Philippines and weren’t affected in any way by the typhoon (brownout for days, no water supply, flooded house, etc.), then you are very very lucky.

Let’s just hope that the supposed to be next typhoons turn to different directions… away from the Philippines.

More photos on my other blog.

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14 comments on “Photos of flood caused by Bagyong Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsena)


  1. The typhoon not carried more rain, the river banks burst due to volume of rain, then they opened the dams around Manila. This is not to include the effects of deforestation on the mountains North and South of Manila – mudslide, flashflood in Pampanga and Quezon.

    1. It was raining non-stop for an entire day, or at least in our area. That’s why I thought that the typhoon carried more rain.

      And yes, those were other sources of the flood – rivers, dams, and deforestation.

  2. my friends in Philippines were also victimized by the flooding caused by Typhoon Ondoy. i just hope that you guys could recover soon from this natural disaster. `

  3. every time i can see a picture from sites where they got news about typhoon and features what happened way back then, i got ghost bumps. i don’t know maybe because i can still remember the things that happened way back that time.

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