My Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is my favorite web browser. Its interface is simple yet appealing, and a very important thing to me: it loads fast when I start it.

I like so many things that are from Google – the search engine, Gmail, Google Plus, Google AdSense, etc. They provide so many great services for free.

I remember the times when Google Chrome was still a newcomer. It didn’t have extensions. Those were the days when I’d still opt for Firefox. Now that Google Chrome has so many extensions available, I no longer use other web browsers unless I am coding a web site and need to check cross-browser compatibility.

Following are my favorite Google Chrome extensions as of now:

  • Awesome Screenshot
    This extension lets me capture and save website screenshots easily. There are three capture options – selected area, visible area, or entire webpage. Capturing the entire webpage is the most useful to me.
  • Wappalyzer
    At times I am curious about which technologies a website is using, Wappalyzer helps me uncover them. It lets me know if a site is using WordPress, Drupal, jQuery, etc.
  • Angry Birds
    All work, no play can kill us!

More coming soon! I try not to install new Google Chrome extensions unless I need them. 🙂

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