How to install a WHMCS Theme

Today my task at work is to install a WHMCS Theme from WHMCS Themes has this theme installation instruction video, but I find it a bit difficult to follow cos I have to pause from time to time. So I took down notes in Notepad. And in case there are people searching for these, here they are:

Step 1

Download your WHMCS Template
Client Area -> My Downloads

Step 3

Open the file you just downloaded and extract it in your computer.

Step 3

Open your FTP Client and connect to your website.

Step 4

Upload the contents of the PHP Files folder to your WHMCS installation folder.
Overwrite existing files if necessary

Step 5

Upload contents of WHMCS Cart Template to your templates/orderforms folder
Upload subfolder

Step 6

Upload contents of WHMCS Template to your WHMCS Templates folder
Upload subfolder

Step 7

Login to WHMCS Admin Panel and go to Setup -> General Settings -> Template
Select the template you uploaded and click save

Step 8

Navgitate to etup -> General Settings -> Ordering
In the “Default Order Form Template” section, select the order form you uploaded and click save

Your template is now installed.

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