Google Analytics: How to exclude / block your own IP address from reports using a Filter

This blog entry will let you know how to exclude or block your own IP address from traffic reports on your Google Analytics account.

Blocking your own IP address from Google Analytics’ (or any statistics app) traffic report is useful if you wish to know the “real” amount of traffic your website(s) is/are having. The traffic report won’t be so helpful if 50% of the total page views are coming from you, would it?

So, log in to Google Analytics, and once on the main page, which I think is called the Overview page, scroll to the bottom of the page. On the lower right area is a link that says Filter Manager. Click on that.

On the next page, find and click on the Add Filter link.

Give your filter a name, e.g., Exclude My Office IP Address.

Then you have a choice between predefined filter and custom filter. Choose predefined filter, and then choose “Exclude“, “traffic from the IP Addresses“, “that are equal to“. Below, enter your IP address.

In case you are unsure how to find your IP address, the easiest way is to, since you are already on your web browser.

Next part is “Apply Filter to Website Profiles”. Here you click and add website profiles where you want to apply the filter you are creating. In our case, it is best to add all websites.

Click on Save Changes to finish the creation of the filter.

Update, Feb. 2012:

If using the new Google Analytics interface, following are the steps to creating custom filters:

– Select an individual website or “property”
– When on a property’s page, click on the Settings icon (gear icon) on the upper right of the screen.
– Under the Profile tab, find the Filter tab and click on it

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  1. Great article,

    So many online marketers forget to do this. If its just you accessing the same site from the same computer its not that urgent a worry. However if there’s a dozen of you accessing your site from multiple computers then the problem quickly spirals out of control.

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