Finally a good domain host

Update (2011-04-06): Today is the 24th day since I started tracking my uptime, and StableHost still has 100% uptime.

Finally found the domain host I’ve been looking for: StableHost. I’m happy with their service that I want to share this with you. Check them out if you are looking for a good domain host. They offer shared and reseller hosting.


I had been hosted at NoLimitsHost (NLH) for a while. Their service was good and prices were affordable. My hosting account was actually a reseller purchased for less than $70, one-time. But then, there came a time when the servers were down for days, without a single word from the company. Servers then came back, still without hearing anything from NLH even if when we tried contacting them. Days after, the servers got hacked. It was then I realized that there might not be anyone managing the company anymore. NoLimitsHost actually reached its limit :p

I began searching for a new domain host, knowing that the hosting account I had in NLH wouldn’t last for long. During the host hunt, I came across enticing advertisements from various hosting companies – $3.00 per month, and even some offering only a dollar per month! (Obviously, I’m a student on a tight budget) And they offer unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth. Unbelievable, huh? Well, we really shouldn’t believe in that kind of marketing strategy. When I tried checking out an order, I found out that many companies would only charge that less of a price if you pay 3-5 years in advance, and the real rate for monthly and yearly payment is $6 and above. No, thank you.

Frustrated with the hunt for a good host, a [computer/Internet savvy] schoolmate PM’d me and referred me to StableHost. He told me companies that offer limited disk storage and bandwidth are usually better than those that offer them in unlimited amount because they do not oversell. I checked their hosting packages, which seemed good, and found coupon codes that make the prices even more affordable. (if you’re interested in getting hosted here, contact me and I can share you coupon codes that are available)

What I Like about StableHost (So Far)

  • Instant account activation after payment
  • Quick ticket response
  • Good uptime. Mine is still 100% as I type this.
  • I can change my cPanel username by myself. NLH won’t allow me to change it when I asked them to.
  • They offer SSH
  • They support mod_rewrite, htaccess,
  • Technical support is 24/7
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • They offer dedicated IP addresses
  • They offer WHOIS privacy protection
  • Custom plans are available
  • Softaculous and Installatron are available for easy software installation
  • Custom plans
  • You can increase PHP memory by yourself


Get value for your money with

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