Worn out school shoes

College is over

Well, wow. A personal blog entry! lol. It’s been a while.

Yesterday was my last day at school. After a month I’ll be graduating – that is if everything goes well. 😀 There’s this one school course I’m worried about.

Worn out school shoes
Shoes worn out because of school, just like the owner

Ahhh… It feels like my year as a college freshman was only yesterday.

Let me compare being at school with being at the workplace as an intern. When I was working as an intern the stress came from the commute to the workplace, a retarded bully in the office, and the workload, of course. While at school, it’s the lack of sleep and time to breathe. You see, when I was in my internship I only get stressed out during the weekdays. When I get home there’s nothing to worry about anymore, especially on weekends. But when at school, everyday and every night, I had to work on homework and projects.

I guess it would be the same as my internship when I finally get a full time job – stress during weekdays, and fun during weekends. 🙂 I still haven’t applied for a job though. If it isn’t for the benefits of working as an employee (health insurance and others), I would just work as a freelancer. I got some interview invitations and a job offer, but I don’t feel like doing office work yet. All the opportunities are from companies at Makati City, which is not easy to reach from my place.

What I experienced during my internship at Makati is something I don’t want to go through again. The very stressful commute which went like this… walk to the train station and pass by disgusting perverts in the streets (I dress properly), reach the train station and wait for around 15 minutes to get in, squeeze into the crowd (again with disgusting perverts), get off the station and wait for a jeep or bus (if it’s a jeep I need to hop in as it moves because they just won’t stop in that area, and if it’s a bus there’s no guarantee I’d be able to sit down), get off the bus/jeep, pass by so many smokers at the tower’s entrance (I have weak lungs), and reach the air-conditioned office drenched in sweat. The only thing that kept me going back then was the fact that it had to end one day when my internship is over.

There are three choices I can take regarding office work. First, rent a place with a friend. Second, find a good company that’s nearby. And third, if all else fails, go through a very tiring commute from this place again. 🙁

Now that I’m done with college, I need to find a stable job, free some space in my room, and do things that I never had time for when I had classes. Speaking of freeing up space in my room, I have a lot of unneeded things to throw away. I am planning to sell my college text books. Some were really expensive but I had no choice but to buy them because they were required in my classes. I can’t just throw them away. I guess selling them will benefit people in need of secondhand books, and of course, me, because of the room space and cash. lol.

I’ll try to make the most of this summer break. I’ll spend my time recording songs, doing freelance work, relaxing, and maybe learning Ruby/Ruby on Rails. 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! I’m happy for you. Hope you would land on a job that will be favorable to you, esp. the location, of course.

  2. Guess I’m a little bit late in posting this xD

    Congratulations to you (and me too) Catzie >:D_< Considering your area, there might not be much job offerings nearby :< I hope you can find a job you enjoy 😀

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