Android app codes for Google Maps with clustering

I prepared Android app codes with Google Maps and clustering feature. Feel free to use these as basis for your new projects. They are on GitHub: [1] Default Map Markers: catzie/SimpleAndroidMapClustering   [2] Custom Map Markers: catzie/Simple-Android-Map-Clustering-with-Custom-Markers   I simply took the necessary classes and res files from Android Maps Utility demo, and then placed […]

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Android Maps: Get current location coordinates with Google API Client Builder

To get your current location via Google Map in an Android app, this was how we do it:

Stop. Don’t use that! The method GoogleMap.getMyLocation() is deprecated. Instead, we need to use FusedLocationApi and the callback onLocationChanged(). Here’s an example code that works for me ( consider copying the contents of onResume() into onStart() […]

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Android Development: Permission denied when running ./gradlew in Mac

I’m using a Mac at the moment to work on my Android app projects. For some reason I need to run ./gradlew in the terminal, but I was getting this error: -bash: ./gradlew: Permission denied To fix this, what I did was run the following commands:

After those commands, my Mac downloaded numerous files […]

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Android: Switch into another activity

To switch into another activity, the method we use is startActivity(). This is what starts another Android activity:

Replace NameOfActivity with the name of any activity you’d like to switch into.

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Android: Basic WebView Tutorial

A WebView lets you pull a web page and display it in your Android app. It doesn’t take long to implement an Android WebView. Read on. I’ll show you how. AndroidManifest.xml First, open your manifest file to add this permission for INTERNET:

The web page won’t be loaded into your app without this permission. […]

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