Adobe Illustrator: If you cannot see or select points

From now on I’ll be posting short entries like this, which will show solutions to small problems in graphics tools, programming, OS, and etcetera.

I was working on an assignment (gradient mesh portrait) on Adobe Illustrator, when suddenly I could not see my mesh points. When I hovered on the mesh object I could see the lines, but clicking doesn’t let me select it. I tried drawing a path using the pen tool to check if I could select anchor points, and found out that I couldn’t select them too.

After searching Google for a solution, I was able to see and select mesh points and anchor points again. The solution to that problem was to “Show Edges.” To do this, click on “View” from the menu From the submenu that appears, select “Show Edges.”

The shortcut key for Hide Edges and Show Edges is Ctrl + H for Windows. I don’t know what it is for Mac, or if it is different. And by the way, I am using Adobe Illustrator CS4.

I guess I accidentally pressed Ctrl + H. 🙂

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6 comments on “Adobe Illustrator: If you cannot see or select points


  1. Thank you. I am working in Illustrator rarely, so I pressed Ctrl+H for hiding grid (works in Phototshop) and than couldn’t find out why I can see selected points. Your post helped me.

  2. Thanks for the help. I am creating a logo and my mesh points disappeared. I hit hide edges but I didn’t know what it was. After seeing your post, I show edges again and i am relieved. thanks

  3. Hi there! Do you use Facebook? I would love love to follow you if that could be all right. Therefore i’m surely enjoying your web site and expect new posts.

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